Why Your Business Should Install EV Charging Systems

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The transition from traditional petrol-powered vehicles to electric vehicles that started a decade ago, has been a gradual process for some, and an exciting leap for others.

During recent years, however, the electromobility market has geared up and is currently developing at such a dizzying rate, that all industries involved – the energy sector, the automotive industry and the technology industry – acknowledge that the petrol era is coming to an end, and the future of driving is inevitably electric.

Incorporating more and more innovation and environmental awareness, , electric cars have never been safer, more stylish or more exciting to drive. Consumers, businesses and investors are now rushing to exploit the comparative advantages of installing a charging station at their property.

1. Attract EV Drivers
Finding a parking spot can make the difference for a driver to stop by or to move on. Having an electric vehicle charging station offering encourages EV drivers to stop, park, charge their car, and stay longer. With Blink charging stations you are put on the map, literally, with EV driver mobile apps, websites, Google Maps, and in-dash navigation systems as a location providing an EV charging station amenity.


2. Create Customer Stickiness and Loyalty.

Research indicates that EV driver customers linger longer and return to the same locations more frequently while they charge their electric vehicles.

3. Advertise Products & Services
Blink EV charging stations offer opportunities to advertise and promote your location’s clients, products, and services through pedestal wraps or on-screen advertising extending your customer reach into the parking lot.

4. Provide an Employee and Visitor Amenity
Providing EV charging at the workplace can attract top talent and communicate to state and visitors that your company is committed to helping the environment while providing an employee amenity.
Also, providing EV charging stations increases employees’ and customers’ sense of environmental stewardship.
Do your part to help promote cleaning up the environment. Providing EV charging stations helps encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, thereby reducing CO2 emissions generated from traditional
transportation options.


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