Why Blink?

Blink Europe is superior to any other company in the field, as it is the only one that can and does offer at the same time:

Integrated Management

Blink undertakes the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of charging equipment, full billing of the charging services, and after-sales support. Moroever, it has the technology to remotely update and upgrade the chargers and address possible malfunctions.

Cross-Border Access

As a member of Hubject, Blink Europe ensures easy and cross-border access to our chargers by visitors who come to Greece driving electric vehicles.

Blink Guarantee

Blink Europe guarantees the reliability internationally established by American giant Blink Charging Co. for 10 years, as well as its vast know-how as the world’s leading company with a proprietary network of electric vehicle chargers.

Regulatory Safety

Charging electric vehicles is a regulated service under the control of supervisory authorities, as it affects the operation of national energy systems. Blink Europe has management platforms for all of its chargers and associated power systems that are fully compliant not only with current, but also future regulatory requirements.

Blink Charging Europe

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