Why Blink?

Blink Europe is superior to any other company in the field, as it is the only one that can and does offer at the same time:


Blink Charging Hellas, with a presence in Greece since 2019, guarantees the reliability that the American giant Blink Charging Co. has established the last 12 years internationally, as well as its know-how as the leading company in the world with a privately owned network of electric vehicle chargers. In Greece, it has a great specialization of facilities as it has already made a variety of placements in places with different characteristics, such as department stores, underground and outdoor parking, ports, municipal points, etc.


Blink offers to driver safety and reliability through its application and provides 24-hour service 365 days a year. At the same time, any technical problems supported by remote control.


Charging of electric vehicles is a regulated service subject to the control of supervisory authorities, as it affects the operation of national energy systems. Blink has management platforms for all its chargers, as well as the energy systems, in full compliance not only with current but also with the future requirements of regulators.


Blink undertakes the installation of equipment, operation, maintenance and repair of chargers, complete management of the charging services and also the After Sales Support.


Blink is a pioneer and shaper of developments as it is exclusively active in the provision of services in the field of electricity. It offers different business models, designing complete charging solutions tailored to the needs of each partner.


Blink, with the primary goal of providing the best service to its drivers and partners, has already installed more than 290 charging points nationwide, covering the largest road network and continues to grow. The main guideline is for the driver to be able to charge his vehicle easily, quickly and without any problems, without deviating from his/her daily habits.


Blink is dedicated to slowing down climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. Blink supports this mission by building electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the US and around the world, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles.


Blink guarantees the correct installation and proper operation of the charging stations. In addition, it ensures remote control and supervision in compliance with European communication protocols.

Blink Charging Hellas

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