Blink Europe makes full use of the many years of experience of American giant Blink Charging Co. in fast charging of electric vehicles, in order to build a proprietary network of charging stations throughout the Greek territory. This network will be based on two lines:

φορτιστής ηλεκτρικού αυτοκινήτου

Mode 3 Charger – AC

The Blink 400V, triple phase, AC units are most common type of charging stations for European car models. Mode 3 European Charger is the fastest AC charging station common for shared spaces where multiple electric vehicles can charge. Residential (housing communities, schools, and recreational centers) and Commercial (shopping centers, healthcare facilities and workplaces) spaces can all benefit from these dual-port stations. Our charger has a future-proof, ergonomic and energy-saving focused design that makes it easy to operate and manage through the Blink Network.

Mode 4 Charger – DC

Blink Mode 4 direct current (DC) charging stations provide to the electric vehicles’ users charging power of 50kW. Typically, our rapid charging stations offers CHAdeMO and CCS connectors, while DC and AC charging are both supported in advanced releases.

Charger selection

The specific type of chargers for motorways and for points of high commercial interest within cities is strategically selected, in full alignment with the particular customer/driver priorities and habits in each case.

More specifically:

  • Along major motorways drivers want their stops to be as short as possible, a need that is optimally addressed by Mode 4 fast charging stations.
  • Within cities , – e.g. in malls, workplaces, parking lots, etc. – customers/drivers tend to stay for longer periods of time, a need ideally addressed by Mode 3 chargers.
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