Blink provides you with charging stations AC (Mode 3) and supercharging stations DC (Mode 4). AC chargers can either have one power socket (1x22kW) or two power sockets (2x22kW). The double – socket chargers can serve two vehicles at the same time. All vehicles in the European market are Type 2 compatible and by extension with our company’s chargers. DC superchargers have one 50kW power socket and embody the CHAdeMO and CCS charging sockets.

EQ200 Mode3 AC Charger – Single Socket

The Blink EQ200 electric vehicle charger features a charging socket and is offered for both indoor and outdoor installation, providing the option of wall or pylon mounting. It has wired or wireless connectivity and has LED indicators for charging status. It offers reliability and flexibility as it can be connected to either a three-phase or single-phase power supply with the appropriate settings. It is recommended for installation in underground or outdoor parking lots, commercial shops, office buildings and hotel accommodation, especially in cases where space is limited.


Mode 3 AC Charger - Double Socket

The Blink 400V, triple phase, AC units are most common type of charging stations for European car models. Mode 3 European Charger is the fastest AC charging station common for shared spaces where multiple electric vehicles can charge. Residential (housing communities, schools, and recreational centers) and Commercial (shopping centers, healthcare facilities and workplaces) spaces can all benefit from these dual-port stations. Our charger has a future-proof, ergonomic and energy-saving focused design that makes it easy to operate and manage through the Blink Network.

single charger_blink-xoris-kolona

Mode 3 AC Charger - Single Socket

The HQ 150-EU is a three phase, AC, electric vehicle charger available for on wall or pillar mounting. It is ideal for parking garages, housing communities, schools, and recreational centers, shopping centers, workplaces, hotels, healthcare facilities, even for small places where space is limited. The model complies with all applicable European directives and meets all CE marking requirements.

Mode 4 DC Charger

Blink Mode 4 direct current (DC) charging stations provide to the electric vehicles’ users charging power of 50kW. Typically, our rapid charging stations offers CHAdeMO and CCS connectors, while DC and AC charging are both supported in advanced releases

Choosing Charger Type

The specific type of chargers for motorways and for points of high commercial interest within cities is strategically selected, in full alignment with the particular customer/driver priorities and habits in each case.

More specifically:

  • Along major motorways drivers want their stops to be as short as possible, a need that is optimally addressed by Mode 4 fast charging stations.
  • Within cities , – e.g. in malls, workplaces, parking lots, etc. – customers/drivers tend to stay for longer periods of time, a need ideally addressed by Mode 3 chargers.
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