Rio- Antirrio Bridge, Antirrio 300 20, Greece (East Parking)




‘Green’ electric vehicle charging and ‘clean’ energy for all its operations are now available at the Rio-Antirio Bridge, in collaboration with Blink Charging Europe and WE ENERGY, marking the first step in creating a new EV charging network for the whole of Europe, originating in Greece and the flagship bridge.

Charger Type:2x Mode 3 Chargers, 2x22kW AC, Type 2
Location:Rio- Antirrio Bridge, Antirrio 300 20, Greece (East Parking)

This first project of the Blink Charging Europe Joint Venture was successfully completed and presented by “GEFYRA SA” and Blink Charging Europe at a special event organized by “GEFYRA SA” on Saturday, September 14, 2019, marking 15 years since the start of its operation.

Blink Charging Europe installed and commissioned the first 2 chargers capable of simultaneously charging 2 + 2 EC electric vehicles at the two parking lots, in both sides of the Rio – Antirio tolls, offering free charging for the following to passers-by, with priority provision for vehicles for disabled people.

Globally praised as a project of great technical difficulty and a miracle of engineering, the Rio-Antirio Bridge blazes new trails, as it becomes the world’s first bridge operating with green energy generated exclusively from Renewable Sources.
The installation of EV chargers that use 100% green energy from WE ENERGY on the Rio-Antirio Bridge “Charilaos Trikoupis” is part of the “Green Bridge” program with the main message of “The climate is changing, so are we”, implemented by “GEFYRA SA”, a licensed company of the pioneering technical project, which unites the Peloponnese with Central Greece and the entire country with the trans-European road networks.

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