Paint, Striping, and Signs Draw The Eye to Your EV Chargers

So, you’re ready to install one or more electric charging stations in your garage or lot for a corporation, healthcare center, shopping center, restaurant, movie theater, etc, and you’re ready for visitors, guests, and staff to put it to good use. But they can’t use your EV charger if they don’t know it’s there!
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In the development of electromobility in recent years, standards have appeared which define the requirements of cables and charging sockets according to geographical area and the requirements of the respective power grids.
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The importance of efficiency and speed when choosing a charger

The new era of electromobility has already began and people are getting more interested in it every day, especially after the State’s decision of providing subsidy for buying EV and chargers.
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The importance of EV in human health

We know emissions from vehicles cause air pollution, and that air pollution is responsible for breathing issues and severe illness. While no vehicle is perfect, EVs have been shown to reduce particulate matter in the air and increase public health by reduction of emissions.
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It All Happened in a Blink… The EV Boom!

Society has been through many massive and unexpected changes in the last several months. Some of these changes have had an economic impact, and even persuaded people to think differently about what they buy and why.The auto industry is no different. A recent explosion in sales of cars and chargers, as well as government commitment...
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Blink Charging in the official announcement of the States Department for the large investments promoted in Greece

The announcement includes significant investments of the US interests that are promoted in Greece, while reference was made to the investment of Blink Charging for the promotion of eMobility and charging of electric vehicles in Greece.
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