Invest in the development of charging infrastructures. Advantages and benefits for owners of parking spaces.

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There is an ever-growing expression of interest by owners of parking spaces to create electric vehicle charging infrastructures in their spaces. Now there are many reasons. Additional income, an increase in property value, the drawing of a new e mobility public and the switch to clean forms of energy and green mobility to name just a few.
According to the International Energy Agency Report more than 7.2 million are currently on the world’s roads. A number which is constantly rising.
Colin McKerracher, Head of Advanced Transport at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, believes that by the mid 2020s, when electric vehicles “will cost almost as much those with internal combustion engines”, their number will skyrocket. Today, many of the electric vehicle models on the market cost less than $ 35,000.
According to, 20% of US consumers (50 million people) are more than likely to choose the new technology when buying their next car, whereas according to “Electric Vehicle Outlook” of the Bloomberg Report, electric models will account for 58% of cars on roads by 2040.
Equipped with advanced technologies and lower prices in the coming years, it is guaranteed that the electric vehicle market share will increase rapidly. As a result, investing in the development of more charging points and better infrastructures is a must.
The benefits for owners installing charging infrastructures.
Shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels are places where the consumer spends some time, therefore they are ideal for the installation of these infrastructures. At the same time, finding a parking area that serves and combines the driver’s other needs such as shopping, relaxation and entertainment or other every-day habits, plays a significant role when deciding whether to stop in a particular area or continue searching for a more suitable location.
Surveys show that drivers of electric vehicles spend more time in an area, which strengthens the business’ products sales and services, while there is a greater chance that they will revisit a parking area that has a charging station.
However, longer stays are not the only way for a parking space owner to make a profit from the installation of EV chargers.
The Blink charging stations allow you to advertise your products and services. Messages can be displayed on the screen. Even the creation of an advertising stand around the charger can serve the business’ communication needs.

Your parking area in the Blink app
Blink has a wide network of collaborating businesses which can be found via the Blink app. Thus, via the app, your business is made known to the user who is in search of a charging point.
Sustainable practices that enhance corporate identity
Nowadays, many individuals seek to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives. With the installation of an electric vehicle charging station, you can enhance your corporate identity as a “green business” and use it for communicating corporate social responsibility.

In countries like Greece, where e-mobility is in its infancy, the development of charging infrastructures for the unimpeded mobility of electric vehicles in the national road networks is imperative. Businesses that want to be at the forefront of developments are now installing charging stations enhancing the long-term viability of their business.

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