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by drivers of electric vehicles

What is the charging process?

The charging process is extremely simple and is described in the following steps:

  1. To start charging, connect the cable to the charger socket and to the car and wait until the LED light turns yellow.via Blink International application
  2. Choose from the map the charging station you are at and the plug to which you have connected the charging cable and chose charging or approached the RFID card on the card reader, above the charger plug.
  3. In a few seconds, the LED turns blue and charging starts!- To complete the charge, press Finish Charge, selecting from the menu on the top left Activity or approach the RFID card again on the card reader.
  4. The LED light turns yellow again, the cable is released and you can now remove it from the vehicle.

Where i can see the Blink charging points all?

Blink charging points appear on the site map, in the section Guide-Stations or by clicking down right the yellow icon and on the map of the application Blink mobile. The application indicates the exact address of the charger’s location, as well as real-time information about its availability and the cost of the service provided.
You can download the Blink mobile app from App Store or Google Play.

How long does it take for a full charge?

The charging time depends both on the power of the charging station and on the electric vehicle itself. Each electric vehicle has a specific charging power, usually from 3.7kW to 22kW for AC charging (Mode 3) and this power can be increased up to 150kW for DC charging (Mode 4). For typical city chargers that usually follow the Mode 3 standards and supply the vehicle with alternating current, the most common average battery recharge time of an electric vehicle takes about 1-3 hours.

How do i pay for the energy i consumed to charge?

The payment for the energy you consumed is made intangible through the electronic
account you create, when you register in the Blink Mobile application. It is essentially a digital wallet to which you transfer money via a bank card and from which the payment of the charge amount for the charging of your electric vehicle will be made each time.

What kind of charging does Blink offer?

Blink offers single and dual AC (Mode 3) fast charging stations and DC (Mode 4) ultra-fast charging stations. Dual-cost AC (Mode 3) fast charging stations provide 2 sockets with a power of 22kW each, thus serving two users of electric vehicles at the same time.
All vehicles moving in the European market are compatible with type 2 sockets.

Do i have any subscription as a member?

No, there is no subscription that you will be asked to pay. At Blink you are charged exclusively with the kW that your vehicle will absorb during charging. There are no subscriber accounts or hidden charges.

How do i get my RFID card?

After completing your registration as a member of Blink, you can apply electronically for the acquisition of the card which you will receive in the next working days without any financial charge. Alternatively you can contact the blink team at 210 7232862.


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