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Since 1993 and every year on May 22 we celebrate World Biodiversity Day as a motive for better understanding on biodiversity issues. The diversity of animal and plants is essential for human existence and plays an important role in sustainable development and in the eradication of poverty around the world.


According to the UN, 12% of the world’s birds and 10% of the earth’s plants and animals are threatened with extinction due to human activities and habitat degradation. Scientists warn us that by 2050, a third of the world’s fauna will be extinct due to climate change.


This year’s message of World Biodiversity Day is that “We are part of the solution #ForTheEnvironment”. At Blink we strive daily to contribute actively into improving the climate, health and making cities sustainable. E-mobility and its infrastructure are an important part of the puzzle in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals on many levels. The most direct contribution of road electrification to the conservation of biodiversity is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the consequent air pollution.


Today, transport accounts for about a quarter of all energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, which is expected to reach up to one third – growing faster than in any other sector. The improvement of air achieved by the reduction of greenhouse gases is of primary importance both for human health and lives, as well as for the formation of sustainable cities and societies. Direct CO2 emissions in road transportation decreased in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but then recovered and will continue to increase until 2031, as the mix of vehicle type is expected to change. According to BloombergNef research “Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020”, the reduction of CO2 emissions from the roads will be reduced by 2.57Gt per year until 2040 – and then larger reductions are predicted.

To achieve a cleaner transport sector, a combination of measures must be implemented worldwide: better-designed cities, non-motorized transport facilities, more public transport and cleaner vehicles, including electric vehicles. Here at Blink we strive every day to expand our infrastructure and electrify the road network in order to provide clean energy in every corner of the country. Europe has one of the fastest growing charging networks in the world and we are very proud to be investing in infrastructure for a sustainable present and future. At the same time, independence from fossil fuels is of the utmost importance for the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable development of the entire planet. Already, thanks to the spread of electric cars, the demand for 1 million barrels of oil per day is being displaced. That’s why we invest in innovation, providing a reliable and efficient charging network. We become part of the solution #ForTheEnvironment.

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