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Certifications and Management System

From 2019 Blink Charging Hellas guarantees the reliability that the American giant Blink Charging Co. has established for the last 13 years providing installation, operation, maintenance and repair services for electric vehicle chargers.


A pioneering company in its field, having ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2015 certifications, achieves and seals the quality in the provision of charging services for electric vehicles.


Based on ISO 9001: 2000 our company has implemented and maintains a complete and documented Quality Management System:

– Provides adequate or resources for the efficient implementation of the Organization’ s Management System,

– Constantly monitors the quality of the provided services,

– Has documented procedures for the effective handling of customer requirements and measuring their satisfaction,

– Has established a system of internal controls in order to detect and prevent deviations of the Organization’ s Management System,

– Complies to the applicable legal provisions that are relevant to the company’s object, as well as with additional regulations / standards selected,

– Continuously improves the capabilities and efficiency of the Management System by taking corrective and preventive actions in problem areas that have been identified.


Blink Charging Hellas continuously operates for a sustainable environment, applying a certified environmental management system based on ISO14001: 2015:

– Monitors and implements to the current environmental legislation,

– It is constantly improving, reducing the environmental footprint of its functions,

– Minimizes the use of energy and natural resources per employee,

– Monitors the gaseous pollutants that come from the facilities and sets environmental programs for their reduction with the ultimate goal of its environmentally neutral operation

– Uses products with environmental labeling

– Selects partners with strict environmental criteria, who share the same environmental vision as Blink Charging

– Recycles all recyclable materials from the operation of the facility, through approved recycling systems, including light bulbs, batteries and electrical / electronic equipment at the end of their operational life

– Takes part in environmental actions that improve the daily lives of our fellow citizens and the environment in which we live

– Steadily expands the network of chargers, actively contributing to the restructuring of the way our fellow citizens move, and to the reduction of gaseous pollutants

– Establishes, monitors and reviews, whenever required, quality objectives, & environmental protection

– Has identified, improved and continuously reviews the effects of its services on the environment.

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