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Shopping Malls

Turn your space into a prime destination for any electric vehicle driver, giving you such a great comparative
edge. During charging, the owner of the EV stays at your site for more time, and this creates, if nothing else, traffic to the services and products offered. The value of your building is increased, while you are taking advantage of potential advertising profits. It also boosts the status of your business as you gain a “green profile”.


of consumers prefer to buy from environmentally conscious companies.

– 2015 Cone Communications/Παγκόσμια Μελέτη CSR Ubiquity

Blink EV Charging Stations help your property.

  • Increase of your property’s value.
  • Competitive advantage as a pole of attraction for the electric vehicle owners and green development focused public
  • Attraction of advertisements addressed at electric vehicle owners and green development focused public.
  • Improvement of your image and empowerment of your sales arguments.
  • Possible lease and/or compensation per kWh


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