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by property or business owners

Why should i install a charging station in my business?

Because it turns your space into the primary destination of every electric vehicle driver, giving you this great comparative advantage. During charging, the owner of the EV stays at your place for longer, and this is at least encouraging to the services and products you offer. It increases the value of your building, while benefiting from potential advertising profits. In addition, the status of your business is enhanced as you get a ‘green profile’.

Why choose Blink?

Blink installs, operates, supports and maintains electric vehicle charging stations. It offers the possibility of connection to the international network of blink, a platform through which it manages and monitors all charging stations and is renewed in real time. It is the most complete charging service solution. There are many collaboration scenarios, which are adapted to the needs of each partner and the characteristics of each location.

Where a charging station can be installed

Charging stations are installed in parking lots, within or around the commercial property, in order to provide the users of the site with the electric vehicle charging service.

Is there a precedence to prevent good use of the space because of the loading procedure of vehicles or the equipment?

There is no such case. The installation points of the blink chargers are selected so as not to disturb the proper functioning of the site and only with the consent of the partner.

Can i buy the charger?

Of course you can, however, Blink offers you a complete alternative business option ,
which handles the equipment, operation, management and maintenance of the station, creating a full charging service for electric vehicle drivers in your location. In addition, Blink offers you all the necessary information, makes remote updates and upgrades to the chargers and addresses immediately and effectively potential damages.


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