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by property or business owners

Why should i install a charging station in my business?

Because it turns your space into a prime destination for any electric vehicle driver, giving you such a great comparative edge. During charging, the owner of the EV stays at your site for more time, and this creates, if nothing else, traffic to the services and products offered. The value of your building is increased, while you are taking advantage of potential advertising profits. It also boosts the status of your business as you gain a “green profile”.

Is there any immediate additional economic benefit from the installation of chargers?

Blink offers flexible business models tailored to the needs of each owner. These may include rental from leasing the charger’s parking space, possible rebate on the gross revenue of chargers, advertising profits associated with charging EVs, etc..

Why choose Blink?

Blink designs, installs free of charge, manages and supports electric vehicle charging stations. It offers the ability to connect to the Blink network, a platform through which manages and monitors charging stations and is updated with all relevant data. It is the most integrated charging service structure.

Where can a charging station be installed?

Charging stations are installed in parking spaces or around the property to provide site users with electric vehicle charging service.

Is there a precedence to prevent good use of the space because of the loading procedure of vehicles or the equipment?

There is no such case. The installation points of Blink are selected so that the proper functioning and operation of the site is not disturbed, and, of course, after acquiring the consent of the person responsible for the site.

Can i buy the charger?

Of course, you can. Nevertheless, Blink offers you a complete business solution for charging electric vehicles by offering the installation of the charger free of charge. Your site makes the charging station available to electric vehicle drivers, while Blink provides the equipment, operation and management tools. You do not have to deal with invoicing, customer service or equipment maintenance, at all. The Blink network takes on the management of the charging station, provides you all the necessary information, performs remotely updates and upgrades to chargers, and instantly and effectively eliminates any potential damage.

Why 'Green' charging?

Electric vehicles can help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from transport. The key precondition, in this respect, is the highest possible penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) into the process of charging vehicles. Ensuring ‘green’ charging should be a priority in order to highlight the value of electric power for the future.


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