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Blink Charging Hellas had a considerable presence, in the two events that took place on Friday, June 5, on the occasion of  World Environment Day at ‘Antonis Tritsis’ Environmental Awareness Park and the Technopolis, City of Athens, where the new program for the development of e-Mobility in Greece was announced.

In Technopolis, City of Athens, on the occasion of the symbolism of the day, a special event was held during which, the Prime Minister of Greece Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the “Strategic Plan for the Development of e-Mobility”. During the event, visitors had the opportunity to watch live the charging of an electric vehicle through the charger that Blink uses in installations developing its network in Greece.

In the Environmental Awareness Park ‘Antonis Tritsis’, at the event held for the Environment Day by the Attica Regional Administration and the Park Organization, Blink has presented a new made-in-Greece charger, which will be permanently installed by Blink in the Park premises and put in full operation in the coming days, enabling visitors of the park to easily charge their electric vehicles.

Charging at a Blink charging station is quick and easy, either via an RFID card or through the Blink International platform, allowing any driver to know through their mobile phone where to find the charging points for their electric vehicle.

Mr. George Kremlis, Advisor to the Greek Prime Minister for Environmental Affairs, stated about the event in Tritsi Park. “I am particularly pleased that today EUNICE is participating in this event, representing and producing the BLINK electric chargers of cutting-edge technology. Electro-mobility is being developed and as soon as the next week a new law will be enacted that will apply e-Mobility nationwide; needless to say that there can be no electric drive without electric charging. In this context, Blink’s contribution is highly important and in fact Blink’s proposal to create a nationwide infrastructure network of electric chargers that will connect e.g. Laconia with Evros areas is extremely important. We would also like to thank Blink for highlighting the importance of e-Mobility in the national energy and climate plan, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy sources and, of course, boost electric vehicles, which is also an EU priority.”

Blink has been operating in the Greek market since May last year through the Blink Charging Europe Consortium, announcing its entry into the European electric vehicle charging market starting in Greece and ensuring penetration into European markets at a time when electric vehicles become more efficient and the need for electric charging, more imperative than ever.

Blink Charging Hellas focuses on developing the urban charging model, aiming to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport, while boosting the creation of a national electric vehicle charging infrastructure network at the same time.

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