The electric car is dynamically entering our daily lives

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Based on the data so far, the purchase of electric cars can be considered expensive. However, there are electric cars available with a price slightly higher than that of conventional cars of corresponding dimensions.

The good news is that even without government subsidies, car industries are trying to lower the cost of their models. This mainly depends on the batteries that today are heavy, expensive and with -theoretically- little autonomy. However, in the next 2-3 years things will change, they will become lighter, cheaper and with more autonomy. Here’s the key, as from this point onwards electric car prices will gradually fall.

Moreover, the maintenance cost of an electric car is relatively cheaper, as they do not feature the complexity that distinguishes internal combustion engines. There are about half spare parts, so half the chances of failure.

Today, electric cars have a satisfactory autonomy which, depending on the driving mode, ranges from 90 to 450 kilometers per day. At the same time, we must take as granted that the average kilometers travelled daily by European -and, consequently, Greek drivers-, ranges from 60 to 70 kilometers, of which 35 kilometers are exclusively done in city centers. This means that autonomy of electric cars is sufficient under any driving conditions for the daily needs of a driver and beyond.

A key advantage of electric cars is that they leave a much lower energy footprint than conventional ones and thus do not burden the environment.

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