Blink Charging Hellas, in collaboration with Globalsat and Praktiker Hellas, offers the residents of the Attica basin the possibility of free access to high quality charging services and advanced technology. Drivers can easily charge their electric vehicles at the six stores of the Praktiker network in Attica.

Blink Charging Hellas, Praktiker Hellas and Globalsat, leading companies in the field of electricity, DIY & Home Improvement, distribution of technology products, home appliances and office automation in Greece, respectively, enter into this cooperation aiming to provide better service and the best consumer experience in the e-mobility sector in Greece.

Thus, Blink Charging Hellas undertakes the installation, maintenance and after sales support of the charging stations placed in the six Praktiker stores in the Prefecture of Attica, specifically in the following areas:

  • Pallini Praktiker,
  • Elliniko Praktiker,
  • Mandra Praktiker,
  • Metamorfosi Praktiker,
  • Agia Barbara Praktiker, and
  • Tavros Praktiker.

All points have one (1) AC 2X22 charging station each (with two charging positions), with the exception of Tavros Praktiker, where two (2) AC 2×22 stations were placed (with a total of 4 charging positions), for the best service of drivers. Blink charging stations are of public use, with free access for all visitors of Praktiker Hellas stores wishing to charge their vehicles during the opening hours of the stores.

Praktiker Hellas invests in the development and penetration of electric mobility in Greece. The cooperation with Blink Charging Hellas is based on the creation of charging stations for electric vehicles in the places where the company has stores, supporting thus private initiative and the modernization of the country, so that electric mobility can be integrated into the daily lives of citizens.

Globalsat has entered the rapidly growing electric mobility sector aiming to expand the scope of its partnerships and offer its customers integrated solutions as a commercial representative of Blink Charging Hellas, the company that leads developments in the market of electric vehicles in Greece.

BLINK CHARGING HELLAS statement for cooperation:

Mr. Giannis Papatsiros, head of network development of Blink Charging Hellas, stated: “Blink Charging Hellas continues to develop its network dynamically, with important partners and large groups at its side. Our main goal since the beginning of our presence in the Greek market is to create a network of charging infrastructure that will serve first of all drivers and will provide them with maximum security and confidence that they will never be left on the road. To date, we figure more than 140 charging points throughout Greece, with an installation record in the last 2 months. Our network will continue to grow and develop with the support of both Globalsat as a commercial representative of Blink in Greece and of course through partnership with Praktiker Hellas, where the end consumers-users will be able to charge their electric vehicles while enjoying their purchases in those stores.”

PRAKTIKER HELLAS statement for cooperation:

Mr. Ioannis Bozovitis, Sales & Human Resources Manager of Praktiker Hellas, stated on this: “We are very happy for our cooperation with the two leading companies, Blink Charging Hellas and Globalsat, and we thank them warmly for their mutual trust. Electric mobility is extremely beneficial and, at Praktiker Hellas, we always make sure that we take environmentally friendly initiatives with an ecological footprint, but also respond to current developments immediately. So, we embraced from the beginning this project, giving thus the drivers of Attica the opportunity to easily charge their electric cars in 6 different places. Our goal is to contribute from our part to the development of e-mobility in the country, by actively supporting those who choose this type of vehicles. Finally, this innovation is added to the huge variety of services and solutions we have been providing for 30 years as a company.”

GLOBALSAT statement for cooperation:

Mr. Kostas Agrafiotis, General Manager of Globalsat, stated on this: “Electric cars are here, dozens of models are available in the Greek market, most of them subsidized by the state. In the next period of time, private companies and Municipalities throughout Greece will install thousands of charging points. Our goal is to play a leading role in this market and strengthen the network of Blink Charging Hellas, as the commercial representative of the company in Greece, actively strengthening the electric mobility market. Our cooperation with Praktiker Hellas marks our dynamic entry into the market and connects us with the No. 1 Hellenic Network of DIY & Home Improvement stores, which leads in innovative initiatives aimed at the optimal service of its customers.”

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